Dry Mixed Recyclables is the description of waste that is free form contaminants such as food and garden waste.


Clean Materials

Dry mixed materials such as paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, drinks cans and glass bottles can be sorted on our dedicated DMR sorting systems by our trained staff, allowing us to then arrange for materials to be properly segregated and forwarded on to repressors for recycling into fresh new recycled products.

Many organisations are unaware that certain materials can be recycled.


Our Methods

Various collection methods are available using various types of equipment ranging from 1100 litre wheelie bins to skips and compactor machines.

Our experience in processing this type of material is extensive, we hold contracts with local councils to process materials they collect from householders in the county. Click here for our case study on DMR Recycling.

Once again, the reduction of your waste going to landfill or disposal will mean a significant reduction in your cost for disposal and you will be helping the environment.