Essex Reclamation is committed to reducing waste disposal to landfill and where possible offers clients the option to dispose of their waste materials using energy from waste via SRF (Solid Recovered Fuel) or RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel).


What it offers

We transport general waste to a processor in the County that shreds/prepares/processes the materials for incineration. The process of incineration ultimately creates steam which can be used to run turbines producing energy for use in communities.

The diagram to the right shows the process. Some waste, including food, is not suitable for this process and where this is the case, we will arrange for suitable disposal by other methods. The vast majority of the general waste received into our site from our clients however, will be converted in EFW. This in turn, will enhance your carbon footprint and be more cost effective in your waste disposal.

We have a range of storage and collection systems available to deal with general waste disposal. Please contact us for details on ways to reduce your disposal costs.