The Administration Team – The heart beat behind the scenes

Every member of The Essex Reclamation team has an important role to play to make sure the business runs smoothly. We would like to highlight the key skills that both Mary Smith and Mandy Bailey play. As a pair they manage the administration side of the business. Mary joined the company in 2019 and primarily [...]

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Recycling For The Next Generation

There’s no doubt we all need to drastically improve our recycling habits – at home, in schools and at workplaces. The Government has announced a target to recycle 65% of municipal waste by 2035 but most of the UK failed to meet its EU target of 50% recycling rate in 2020 so we all need [...]

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Shred 4 Security – Top 5 Reasons for Shredding Your Important Documentation

Shred 4 Security. Why is it important to shred our documents? Do I still need to shred them if they are old and worthless to the business? The answer is, yes. The potential threat of a data breach is more likely than ever, here’s why, as a business or individual, you can benefit from our [...]

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The importance of business recycling – in brief

We know the scene... it's a busy day, one in a long line of busy days, and the office or work floor is buzzing. Bins are overflowing, waste and recyclables are all getting mulched together and sorting out the issue is something you really want to do. But, unfortunately, who has the time? At this [...]

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A brief retrospect and a brand new website

As the weather gets a bit crisper in the wind down towards the end of 2015, it feels like the perfect time to take stock of what's happened within the company - not just in the last few months, but in the weeks and years of our long, interesting history. Essex Reclamation is a family [...]

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