Project Description

This large Essex based manufacturing company had extensive materials for recycling and understood that effective waste management is an extremely important part of any successful company. They asked Essex Reclamation not only to help them plan an all round recycling scheme for their operation but also to become involved in their relocation to new premises, making sure that equipment and processes for segregating materials was totally effective.

Working extremely closely with the management of this company, we were able to help them segregate their varied waste streams properly, to include general waste, plastics, aluminium and cardboard. By installing dedicated equipment on their site such as compactors, open top containers, static artics and wheelie bins, we were able to ensure effective handling of materials and significantly increase their rate of recycling thus reducing their waste disposal costs, to date, their landfill costs have reduced by an incredible £2000 per month.

The equipment, effective positioning of such and elimination of double handling of materials by staff has managed to reduce their level of general waste from 38 tonne to just 6 tonne per month and they have seen an increase in their revenue from recycling as the generation of cardboard for recycling has risen to over 20 tonne per month, materials that previously had been landfilled.

Even though significant savings have been made for this company, we continue to work closely with them as their recycling needs are ongoing and the advice we can offer is very much part of the service that we provide. Effective waste management is an extremely important part of any successful company.