Project Description

A major UK airport needed to clear a large building on their site which was due for demolition.

Shred4Security were asked to visit the site and give guidance as to the effective disposal of approximately 1500 boxes of paper materials that were confidential and required shredding.

The biggest obstacle for the Airport staff was to ensure removal with the least disruption and as quickly as possible, they needed Shred4Security to be as flexible as possible.

Following the audit, we arranged for large sealed skips to be placed on site and filled as and when required, when full they could be removed to our site for processing. In addition, we agreed to visit the site on a weekly basis and remove boxes that had been passed for clearance by each department. The clearance was a massive exercise for the Airport management and Shred4Security worked very closely with them to ensure the smooth running of the exercise.

Upon return to our site, the materials were shredded and the relevant certification and audit trail was presented to the Airport management for their records.

All paper materials handled at Shred4Security are shredded and compacted and then passed on for recycling to Essex Reclamation Ltd, so not only destroyed but also recycled.