As a business if you aren’t recycling, you could be missing out on a number of benefits. Recycling your waste is good for the planet, it’s good for your bottom line and good for your corporate Social Responsibility. We believe there are 5 benefits of having a business recycling program:

1. Save Money

A key business reason why recycling is important is because it’s a simple way to save money and improve the bottom line. Recycling programs could allow for cost avoidance and better yet, free up funds for other environmentally friendly initiatives.

Find out more on how a reclamation and recycling programme with Essex Reclamation can help your business save money.

2. Make Money

When your business makes sustainable choices and implements a recycling program, Essex Reclamation has the potential to sell your recyclable waste for alternative uses. Recyclable materials are now a commodity, so we can help you maximise this opportunity.

3. Improve Employee Retention and attract the best New People

In this day and age it’s not only clients who are demanding more sustainable services and products but employees are too.

People are more motivated to work for a sustainable company. Recent studies have found that workplace sustainability and recycling is more important to millennials than previous generations. Almost one in 10 millennials would be willing to quit a job if their employer wasn’t sustainable. This is relevant to your business as more millennials plan to change jobs within the next two years than past generations.

4. Create a community

Most people want to do the right thing for the environment and future generations. Implementing a recycling program in your organization is a great way that team members can work together to make an impact – it encourages people to keep each other accountable.  

The results can also be used to highlight the CSR side of the business and create quality content for social media. Partnerships with businesses like PrintReleaf can also give your business the authentication by replanting trees and offsetting your paper usage. 

5. Protect the environment

A key reason why recycling is important for a business is because of the positive impacts on the environment. It helps the environment by:

Saves Energy 

It uses less energy to reuse and recycle than it does to produce the same material from scratch. 

Saving up to 95% of the energy used on recycling aluminum cans and bottles compared to when using raw materials to produce them.

Diverts More Waste From Landfill

Our Landfills are not only filling up but the harmful emissions from non-biodegradable waste will be a danger for years to come 

According to the EPA fact sheet, our landfills are filled with the following waste which could be easily recycled:

  • 21% of food, the largest component of landfill
  • 14% of paper and card board
  • 10% of rubber, leather, and textiles
  • 18% of plastic

The figures show by reclaiming and recycling the above, 63% could be saved from landfill.  

Prevents Global warming

Pulp and paper is one of the largest industrial energy consumers on the planet. Recycling paper instead uses 65% less energy than producing new paper products from raw materials. This intern reduces our greenhouse gas emissions.

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