Project Description

Essex Reclamation Ltd has always enjoyed a close working relationship with local councils in the area, helping them to achieve their goals/targets to ensure effective environmental policies for the communities they serve and to reach their recycling targets.

Our recently adapted DMR conveyor sorting system allows us to process dry mixed recyclables that have been collected on behalf of the council from the roadside.

Upon delivery to our site by dustcart vehicles, the materials are loaded on to our conveyor system and sorted by our staff, materials such as bottles, plastic wrapping, newspaper, cans are segregated and then baled and sent by us for onward processing to recycling mills throughout the UK and Europe. By allowing Essex Reclamation to handle the sorting and processing of these materials to such a professional standard, the Council is best placed to meet its environmental responsibilities, reach its recycling targets, ensuring the quality of the recyclables, and minimise their waste disposal costs.