Shred 4 Security. Why is it important to shred our documents? Do I still need to shred them if they are old and worthless to the business? The answer is, yes. The potential threat of a data breach is more likely than ever, here’s why, as a business or individual, you can benefit from our secure shredding service to help you dispose of your important documents:

Free up space

Does your office have lots of old documents and paperwork lying around? It’s impractical, an eyesore and not good for staff to see. If you were to shred your documents you’d free up space for anything you want, and not only that, but you’ll also have a much better-looking working environment too. 

It’s a Legal Requirement

By law businesses need to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of its employees and clients. Personal data stored on paper copies are more easily accessible than those stored digitally, locked down and secured with passwords. Therefore, it is extremely important to make sure these documents don’t fall into the wrong hands.

With GDPR, there are penalties for those that fail to comply with the privacy regulations, and there can be fines of as much as 4% of annual global turnover.

It Helps Prevent Identity Fraud

Any documents containing personal details can be used by someone to steal an identity. If you don’t shred your documents before you dispose of them, identity thieves can steal details to sign up for credit cards, passports or other documents  under a stolen persona.

It sounds far-fetched for someone to spend time going through a bin looking for people’s data, but they do doit .

It’s Good for the Environment

At Essex Reclamation, our aim is to send zero waste to landfill sites and ensure your confidential documents and waste are completely recycled. This means less waste is sent to landfill sites which reduces pollution to the land, sky and water.

It Saves Time

Finally, you save time and effort by letting Essex Reclamation shred your confidential documents. You and your team have special skill sets, so it isn’t beneficial to waste energy trying to clear and destroy boxes of paperwork .

A simple example of not just saving time but money is an employee who earns £15.00 per hour spending 10 minutes shredding a day equals an annual saving of £632.00.