We know the scene… it’s a busy day, one in a long line of busy days, and the office or work floor is buzzing. Bins are overflowing, waste and recyclables are all getting mulched together and sorting out the issue is something you really want to do. But, unfortunately, who has the time?
At this point in the day, it is important to remember that in the UK, it is estimated that waste production can cost your business up to 4% of its turnover. With some companies that price can increase to as high as 10%. A good waste management is easy to implement often with little or no investment costs.
Sorting out your recycling is a very important step in getting your waste management under control and making those savings – more often than not, Waste and recycling collection services are cheaper than normal commercial waste collections. In addition, working alongside a suitable collection or delivery service will ensure that you are complying with all the necessary legislations and – of course – reducing your environmental impact.
Please note: as a business, it is your responsibility to ensure that the waste carrier you use is registered with the Environment Agency. If in doubt, you can check with the Environment Agency by calling 0800 807 060.
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